Wedding photography _ Do you have a colour theme?

Wedding photography in Sussex & Surrey.

Ideas for your wedding colour theme…. The chances are if you are planning a wedding right now you may not yet have a clear theme or colour idea you are commited to. If you have a strong affinity for a colour or colours then I say ‘go for it’  there is nothing wrong with that,  & everything about the colours on the day will make you even more happy.

So where do you find inspiration? perhaps the season of your wedding is an easy place to start. Summer for example is a time of year you can certainly choose bright, vivid colours & the flowers you select will be readily available from your florist too.

Check out below the beautiful yellow & blue themed wedding I photographed last Summer… and I hope it gives you inspiration.

Whatever colour scheme you choose there is never a wrong one…. just enjoy the preperations and most of all have a wonderful wedding day!

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