Wiston Granary

Corporate Photography in Sussex:

Wiston Granary was my new  photographic corporate job this week, & what a great little business it is too. Jess and Dan started their new ‘adventure’  in January this year.They have settled in now, & are as we speak refurbishing and making even better all the elements that have been established there for many years. As their strap line says…you can eat, shop, sleep. As the business offers a local stores to ‘shop’ at, delightful tearooms to ‘eat’ delicious goodies ( with excellent coffee!) and ‘sleep’ by renting the delightful cottage in the grounds.

Any how – take a look at this little showreel and you will be able to see for yourself!

..and remember I am available to commission for all types of business photography. So why not get great images for your website or brochures. Call me to chat!

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