Sarah-Jane & Ben, their wedding at The Grand, Eastbourne

This weekend’s wedding took place at the Grand Hotel, Eastbourne, Sussex. Sarah-Jane & Ben were the bride and groom and they had a beautiful Jewish wedding ceremony under the Chuppah. Celebrating with over two hundred guests, they followed all the wonderful traditions of a true Jewish wedding. Starting with the Bedeken ( veiling of the bride) then the ceremony under the Chuppah during which they observed the Bridal circuits ( where the bride walks around the groom seven times representing the seven revolutions that the earth made during the seven days of creation). Then the Erusin ( the betrothal) which included blessings, readings and drinking from the cup of wine. After which followed the placing of the ring, more blessings and the breaking of the glass and Mazel Tov.  After a Kosher wine toast came music and celebrating in the warm Sussex  sunshine in the hotel grounds. Later before the meal,  the traditional  Jewish dancing began. Clive, an uncle that guided us all so very well throughout the day, suggested that everyone dance and to dance in a way that you feel no one is watching, thus having the greatest of times without inhibitions. This was a great experience to be apart of.  During  the dancing, both the bride and groom were  held up high whilst on chairs. It was a really remarkable day and the bride commented on just how magical it felt. I wish them all the best for their future, and thank-you  Sarah-Jane and Ben for letting me experience this amazing Jewish wedding day. Mazel Tov!

The Grand Hotel, Eastbourne.
Preperations with bride and mum.
The beautiful wedding dress, from Leonie Claire of Brighton.
A quiet moment before the day really began, in the bride’s hotel suite.
Our groom Ben.
Ben with his father.
The men gathered in the board room before the ceremony.
The bride awaits her groom, this is the start of the proceedings.
Is this your bride? asks the Rabbi.
With joy and emotion Ben confirms Sarah-Jane is indeed his bride.
The bridal party.
The groom is accompanied into the ceremony by his parents.
Where he awaits his bride.
The Betrothal under the Chuppah.
Placing the ring.
The breaking of the glass.
The wedding guests.
Relaxing in the hotel garden .
family groups.
A few portraits of the happy couple.
The bride and groom enter for the Jewish dancing.
….and the lifting up on chairs…..
Dancing continues…
Then speeches.
And the cutting of the cake.
The wedding continued into the night, and I left after a closing portrait of the happy couple in the stunning setting of the Grand Hotel entrance.
Mazel Tov!

Sarah-Jane Lennard - September 12, 2012 - 7:53 am

How amazing are these photographs.
Thank you so much Andrea I am over the moon.

;)) xxx

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